Site Survey

Are you concerned about high utility bills? Does it seem like you go through cleaning solutions faster than you should? If you’re wondering whether your housekeeping operation is running as efficiently as it should, Southeastern Commercial Solutions has a service for you. We conduct housekeeping site surveys to determine whether equipment is wasting energy and driving up utility bills. Or, whether dispensers are using too much product due to incorrect programming.

Serving professional kitchen, laundry and housekeeping systems throughout Georgia, we evaluate your entire cleaning process, discovering and tracing problems to their source. Using the results of your housekeeping site survey, we’ll develop recommendations on how to correct issues and prevent them from happening again.

Cost-saving On-Site Surveys

What are on-site surveys?

By not cleaning as well and as fast as they could be, your dishwashing and laundry machines may be costing you in time wasted and higher utility bills. Even if they appear to be running in good order, they may be in need of maintenance to prevent downtime. Our commercial laundry, kitchen and housekeeping site surveys review all those details and more

What are the benefits of on-site surveys?

In short, on-site housekeeping surveys can save you time and money—now and in the future. Not only can we fix known problems, we also can help you to prevent future downtime by assessing wear and tear on equipment. Finally, we provide any necessary training and help implement new procedures, if needed.

Interested in on-site housekeeping surveys? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

One-Stop for Parts and Maintenance

At Southeastern Chemicals, we deliver more than on-site housekeeping surveys. Ask us about parts and maintenance services.


Your cleaning operation can continue to run smoothly thanks to our extensive parts inventory. We carry parts for nearly all types of commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment. And if you have a question, our team is ready to provide helpful advice and service.

Maintenance Services

Help prevent breakdowns and unnecessary repair costs with regular maintenance. If a general repair is needed, get prompt commercial dishwasher and laundry service that quickly puts you back in action. We can also help train your staff on servicing, too. And if you need new or leased equipment installed or remounted, we can take care of it.

Leasing Options for Warewash Machines

 You can reap the benefits of using high-efficient machines but leave regular maintenance to us through a rental agreement. We offer a variety of machine leasing and renting options. We also provide training, so your staff knows exactly how to use and program your machines to avoid waste, so you can lower costs to improve your bottom line.