Reduce your overall cleaning costs when you get all the commercial cleaning solutions you need from one place. Whether you need a ready-to-use solution now or are looking for reoccurring monthly orders, Southeastern Commercial Solutions has you covered.

For industrial laundry, commercial dishwashing and housekeeping solutions, we meet any need with a wide range of serviceable and non-serviceable cleaning solutions. Choose from highly concentrated or pre-mixed products, solutions for dosing systems and much more.

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Maintain pristine cleanliness and protect employees and customers with top-quality industrial kitchen cleaning products, such as:

  • Hand dishwashing solutions—Commercial dishwashing products powerful enough to remove grease and grime, yet gentle on hands.
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning solutions—Sanitizing industrial kitchen cleaning products keep your operation spotless and safe.
  • Ovens and fryers—Degreasers and other special food service cleaning solutions cut through heavy grease and keep important appliances operating in top condition.


    Maintain a safe environment for staff and guests with effective industrial laundry and janitorial products, such as:

    • Detergent—Fight the toughest laundry stains and soils with industrial laundry solutions that scrub and lift dirt, grime and grease.
    • Builders—Increase the cleaning power and easily remove oily spills and stains with efficient builders.
    • Destainers—Easily remove difficult stains, from wine to chocolate to grease and more, leaving your laundry bright and clean.
    • Softeners and sours—Extend the life of your laundry with industrial laundry cleaning solutions that neutralize detergent traces and maintain proper pH levels, leaving laundry soft and clean.
    • Sanitizers—When it comes to disinfecting, you can’t afford to take chances. Our housekeeping sanitizers help eliminate germs and bacteria for a safe environment.
    • Floor care—Improve the speed and efficiency of your housekeeping floor care with chemicals designed to clean all floor types right, the first time.


    Cleaning and sanitation products aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your commercial kitchen, laundry or janitorial services demand solutions mixed precisely for your specific needs. Plus, keeping employees safe is crucial. That’s why we use The Integra Program®. Through Integra products and services, we’re able to offer simple, safe and effective solutions. There’s no need to mix chemicals or add an extra cleaner to get the job done.


    Get the strongest, safest, most efficient commercial dishwashing, kitchen or laundry chemicals—plus answers and advice you need to ensure the cleanest clean. Contact us today for more information or submit an order by filling out the form below.